This page is dedicated to things that will help you calm down. I am going to put up my personal ways of coping and some others that may help as well. This page is to help to prevent ED or SI behaviors that you will most likely regret later. 

Personal Favorites
- don't be alone
- paint your nails/get your nails done
- dance
- go to the gym
- go for a walk around the block
- read a book
- go tanning
- go for a run
- play video games
- take a nap
- take a bath
- go shopping (even if its just the dollar store... actually, that's probably the best!)
- make a phone call
- bring whatever you're doing somewhere else (outside, library, ect)
- color (draw if you can)
- clean/redecorate/organize
- find a 'craft' (i like to make operational beautiful post-its so i always have a stash on me)
- journal
- blog
- make youtube videos
- write (poetry mainly)
- listen to/download music
- talk to people online
- go for a drive
- hide out in your safe place (at home I like to chill in my closet)


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