Bucket List

1.      Learn to take a compliment.
2.     See a shooting star.
3.     Climb a water tower (possibly for giant operation beautiful purposes).
4.     Learn to drive a stick.
5.     Jump rope successfully.
6.    Go to Alaska.
7.     Dance onstage at the MET (audience not required)
8.     Take a cross country road trip.
9.    Swim with the dolphins.
10.   Learn sign language.
11.     See a drive-in movie.
12.   Go to Australia.
13. Thank Gerard Way.
14.   Ride a hot air balloon.
15.   FINALLY grow my hair down past my rib cage.
16.   Be a certified pole dance instructor.
17.   Have a family (3 kids).
18.   Be a dance movement therapist (and LPC).
19.   Live without ED.
20.   Grow up to be the most AWESOME old lady ever (with lots of laugh wrinkles!!)
21.  Make a difference in the world.
22.   Enjoy shopping again.
23.  Be an inspiration to others.
24.  ZORB!!!
25.  Be comfortable with myself.
26.  Go to Egypt.
27.  Be more social (make more real friends).
28.  Ride in a helicopter.
29.  Ride a horse on the beach.
30.  Be a survivor. ß (make it to 15, 18, 20, 21….)
31.  Spend some time in Italy J
32.   Indoor skydiving.
33.  Cliff hanging.
34.  Eat pancakes.
35.  Be cut free.
36.  Operation Beautiful road trip.
37.  Fall in love.