So I decided to make a list of fun facts about myself. I did this for two reasons....
1) to help me feel better about myself
2) for your amusement

Feel free to make you're own list in the comments section or just make one for yourself (I prefer you leaving it in the comments so everyone can know how amazing you are :] !!)
 It's actually pretty fun and a great distraction. We are all unique and have something special to offer. 

(P.S. ... this is something I would totally say.)

Why not make a list of who we are?

My List
- i can't smell skunks
- i can't jump rope
- i don't know my natural hair color
- i can't whistle
- i'm allergic to pretty much everything you can be allergic to and also have oral allergy syndrome
- when i cry, it's usually just from my left eye... either way the first tear is always from my left eye
- i'm terrible at painting my nails so i usually paint my entire finger and then remove what's on my skin
- i fall over a lot... i will be standing still and just tip over for no reason :)
- i am probably more afraid of caterpillars than spiders
- my fingers and toes bleed when i'm about to get my period
- i won't drink water from a glass, and i don't like to drink it cold
- whenever a bird gets too close i think it's going to fly into me and totally freak out
- i don't really now how mailboxes work
- i sing along to songs i don't even know
- i can only drive a stick shift in reverse
- i have a slight fear of wind chimes
- i call those power line thingys cows... and never fail to scream COW! when i see one... i used to think cows lived under them

- i have very specific phobias, especially when it comes to bridges, big trucks, and motorcycles
- i always make faces... usually without even realizing that i'm doing it

- i am obviously very easily amused

I'll keep adding on as I think of more things :)

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