Monday, November 7, 2011


I ate too much today... I barely took any diet pills... I skipped my last two dance classes... oh my god I fucking hate myself right now... I'm gonna take some ex-lax now. I hate this. I fucking hate it... and I've been trying SO hard not to cut. Tomorrow will be a week (if I can make it through the whole day). Honestly though... I doubt I'll make it though tonight... maybe... but tomorrow? Doubtful.

I might skip dance tomorrow night too... I need to smoke. SO badly. Gahhh... fuck this. 

I have SO much work to do... and still haven't done any of it... most of it's already late. Fuck... 

And my face is breaking out SO bad... I hate that. I hate breaking out. I hate my face.

I'm so over this.

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