Friday, November 11, 2011

Dear Eating Disorder,

You've stolen so much from me... I know you're not around as much right now... but the effects are still here.

I've been fighting you so long I basically have no friends. I have no one to call, no one to hang out with, no one to talk to- my social life has gone down the drain.

I still hate my body. I know I'm taking steps toward taking better care of myself, but you've told me so many lies about everything that's wrong with me I'm finding it hard to see past all that.

My hair may look decent from far away... but it's so unhealthy. No one see's it falling out in the shower but me... I'm the one that sweeps the floor after I blow dry it, I'm the one to clean up the mess before anyone else can see it.

I can't stand up without everything going all fuzzy... and if I'm left standing too long, I fall over... who does that?!? What have you done to my body?

I still see and feel all the fat you told me was there... I can't even go shopping for new clothes because I know you'll cause me to have a breakdown.

I'm still here though... and I'm still fighting you.
I know I can be better than this.


  1. I believe in you Nikki! Keep fighting this demon! You are beautiful no matter what you or anyone else says.

  2. youtube body gossip this ones for you