Saturday, December 3, 2011


Welcome to my life at 3am where I've been smiling like an idiot for the past hour!!

Okay... so let me tell you about my most amazing night (I have to try not to get too carried away though because I don't want to get my hopes up).

So to start... I'm going to go back a few days... I think it was like Tuesday or something... so I'm on facebook and actually signed on so people know I'm online (which I rarely do). And I was talking to someone on facebook chat and out of nowhere I get a facebook chat from this guy. Lets call him B. So I don't know this kid... I know we went to highschool together... but we've never met... but we're friends on facebook so yeah okay. So he was like "wow ur a cutie.. =]" to which I responded "thanks...?" anyway... it was sort of random but we started talking.

He asked if I wanted to go out for a drink Friday night (tonight) and we exchanged numbers and text pretty much everyday since then... I think yesterday was the only day we didn't talk at all.

So anyway we were gonna go at like 11pm... it ended up being later but whatever... 

So he said that he couldn't go out for drinks cause his friend was home this weekend and he asked him to hang out or whatever... but he wanted to come by and say hi. So he came over and we sat in my living room for like 40 minutes talking and then he left.

So I pick up my phone a few minutes after he leaves to text my friend and tell her how cute this guy is and there's a text from him "ur cute =]" and as I'm sitting there like OMG how do I respond to this, I get another text... his friend was tired so he wasn't going over there... so he came back and got me and we went out for a drink (it's now like 1am, haha). 

So we were there for like an hour and we talked about all kinds of things and it was SO much fun. And when he dropped me off he walked me to the door and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he would let me know when he was off work tomorrow and if it was okay, we could maybe see each other again? To which of course I said YES. Haha... but it was so nice. And once I got in the house I washed my face and then picked up my phone and had a text from him saying "ur cute... had fun tonight". 

It's just so nice that for once a guy isn't trying to just get in my pants. He treated me like a person and it was so nice and hes SO cute... ohmygosh! I like can't even... and I was so worried cause he's super cute and I'm well... me... and I was so nervous and now I like... don't think I have to be :)

Okay... story time is over. That was my amazing night... and now I'm still smiling like an idiot. It's all good :)

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  1. i'm so happy for you, he sounds so sweet! xo.