Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I need to turn my brain off for a while

Everything with this new guy is going really well. Hopefully I see him before I go away this weekend cause I didn't see him at all this weekend... I mean... I think things are going well.

So this morning I was just on facebook (which I'm actually not on much anymore) and I was just going through peoples profiles. First one of the girls I was friends with from kindergarten through 17/18 when I lost all my high school friends. I have a feeling if anything happens with this guy I'll be seeing her a lot more... she's going out with one of his best friends...

And then I was going through my pictures... and like... that wasn't too bad... I didn't get far enough to get to the skinny pictures but like J commented on pretty much all of them and like a lot of them were taken with her when we were hanging out or whatever. 

We haven't talked since mid-summer. I deleted her on facebook a while ago. And now I guess I was just startin to miss her. Or maybe just miss having friends in general. Like, I really feel like I have no one. I have T and K who I love but I rarely see either of them. I just feel like such a loser. 

I'm not good enough for anyone. How will I ever be good enough to be in a relationship with someone if I'm not even good enough to be friends with? 

Ugh... fuck my life.

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  1. maybe its not you but them ?
    like people change when they grow up through teenage years i mean ive gone through soo many friends i no the friends i have now are definately the ones who love me as theyve been with me thru alot
    and theres a quote i wont quote it right but its something like
    some people arent meant to be permanently in our lives but passing through to teach us a lesson.
    andd you definately are good enough!!