Thursday, December 15, 2011

What really gets me in the holiday spirit?

Christmas in Hollywood.

Hah! That's terrible!! But yeah... I dunno... it just came on cause I have my Christmas playlist and I think part of this whole super loneliness thing goin on right now and missin J is because 1) I'm home for an extended period of time and 2) we usually spend winter break together and we used to drive around every year just looking at Christmas lights and blasting Christmas songs like Christmas in Hollywood and sing along... well... I would sing along. 

I dunno... and I really wanna go look at Christmas lights... I just have no one to go with. I dunno...

I may or may not see B tonight. It depends what time he gets back from school. I'm leaving for a mini vacation early Friday morning. So if I don't see him tonight I won't until I get back. Which is only Monday night (but he might have work that night). I dunno...

Anyway... I have to get changed and go get my nails done. Then mall all day.... well... shower/laundry (jeans included) then mall, mall, mall.

I need shoes for this weekend. Ughh! I hate shopping.

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