Thursday, December 15, 2011

God Damn..

So I didn't get out to get any more pills yesterday so today I didn't have any and of course didn't get a chance to get out and buy some until like 6pm so I've had this massive headache all day- still do. And then on top of it I just got my fucking period like 2 hours ago. God dammit! Fucking female problems. So anyway.. yeah.. I just finished packing most of my crap up and I'm just laying in bed now. I'm leaving early tomorrow morning and I'll be back sometime Monday night. Woo! 

And I finally started taking iron supplements last night so hopefully that'll help out with the dizzy spells, fuzzy feeling, slight bloody nose every morning -_-

Gosh I have a fun life!!

No. Okay... I'm done now... lalala :)


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