Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh Hai!

Okay... so some updates since I'm a terrible blogger during the summer.

1) One of my dance teachers made a comment about my losing weight the other day... I don't think I have... but she apparently does. She gave me that 'look'... I know she was just bringing it to my attention cause we both know if it goes to far she's gonna have a lot more to say about it.

2) I have to call about 8.000 doctors tomorrow and finally figure a few things out and get a physical, hahaha.

Yeah.. so I had another 'incident' today. Oh... and I had one the other week... a period-related one... dunno if I talked about that already or not... pretty sure it was like my entire last post.

So anyway, this morning... I woke up... had a 100cal. starbucks and took a shower. I get out of the shower and I'm sitting on my bed and just start swaying... my entire room was like spinning around me, I was nauseous, super dizzy/lightheaded, really short of breath, and my heart was racing. 

So after a little over an hour of this not getting better and my getting ready for 30seconds then laying down then getting ready for 30seconds then laying down over and over... I go into my mom's room. By the time I get to her room I needed to be laying down so I just got in her bed and told her my room wouldn't stop spinning.

I had gotten some crackers and finished them and was now drinking water. 

So we took my HR and then went downstairs to do my BP and nothing was SUPER high but she wanted to take me to Urgent Care... I was feeling a bit better by then but she didn't want me driving so she dropped me off at dance and took me in to tell my teachers what happened.

So anyway, now I need a physical. Full blood work, in addition to getting tested for anemia (which may be included in that) and an EKG. She thinks I may have the same heart condition she has. Go figure. Watch me end up strapped to a monitor for a week -_-

I also need to get another MRI for my back. It looks like I have an acute lordosis and a fusion. The guy who did the MRI's years ago turned out to be a pedophile and made shit up in the reports which I just realized.


Okay... well that's all for now.

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