Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You gotta keep your head up, you are gonna turn out fine

Love. And also... just some random things and answers to questions...

The 'poem' that inspired my newest tattoo, which was really a post by Jen Lemen's blog is on my breathe page down at the bottom if you want to read it.
And as far is it hurting... it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most of it was just tingling which is fine and then a few spots were like really bad but they didn't last long... then the hearts, which are a mix of on my boob and my ribcage near my armpit, were kind of like... well I didn't know if it hurt or tickled... it was a strange sensation. 

So now it's healing... I still can't wear a bra, which is awesome when I'm dancing all day and always at the gym! Haha, I'm managing though. It's a little sore when my clothes rub up against it so I'm just being careful because I want it to heal nicely :)


  1. such a great poem. which part did you use?

  2. the title
    my tattoo says:

    you can be loved...

    and there are two hearts at the beginning, theres a picture in the post before this :)

  3. Love the sng thanks for sharing hun

    Love SN.

  4. that was a weird music video. I find that when there is a story line to a music video, I tend to pay more attention to the action than the music. lol. I liked the parts of the song that I actually paid attention to!! hehe :P

  5. to be honest... i never actually watched the full video. i just really love the song :)