Saturday, February 19, 2011

The perfection of my frailty has been questioned and broken....

This is the most intense music video I've ever seen... I really can't stop watching it... and it just makes me feel... yeah I dunno. Seriously, it gives me chills though...especially the first time she's looking in the mirror and he comes up behind her.

So I'm not doing that great today... but I'll get through it. I'll figure it out somehow.


  1. this is kinda random but i kept trying to clean my screen the i realized it was you blog background. lol im such an idiot. but the effect was really cool.

  2. Wow, that girl is so beautiful. Do you know her name?
    The guys in the band are hot too, i like their style.
    I don't know about films/video clips like this that portray a beautiful skinny girl as anorexic. I feel like it ignores the fact that plain girls have eating disorders too, or that eating disorders like bulimia and binge eating disorder exist. It kind of glamourises eating disorders, making it seem tragic yet beautiful.
    It's a good video clip though.

  3. wait so does she die? is he holding a hospital bracelet at the end?

  4. my take on the video is that she does die. he also had her locket throughout and some of the lyrics "And I will find out that morning comes faster alone" for example... makes me feel like a lot of this song is also about him getting through losing her.
    in real life i believe this is a true story, the girl was someone close to him (i dont kno if she was his girlfriend or what) but she died of anorexia and from what ive seen that is what this video is really about