Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Tattoo?!?

Sorry for the lack of updates, my computer straight up died a few days ago. I should be getting a new one soon... hopefully really soon. Anyway, I'm up (well it's not like I slept I was out until almost 6am) and just about to take a much needed shower due to the smell of some things my parents would not appriciate while under their roof. Haha. I've been sick with a sore throat/cold for a week now though so I really can't smell a thing.

I died my hair some more yesterday, I'll have more pictures to come when I take them but since I was on my way out I don't really have a lot. The colors bled together a little bit so it didn't really come out the way I had planned it but I still love it! I had a few spots that the color missed and were still blonde from the bleaching, but a simple sharpie fixes that perfectly! They really are amazing for touch-ups :)

Oh and yeah, so I got the second tattoo. Haha, what an eventful day :) I absolutely love love love this one!!! 

Step 1: place permanent reminder on my body
Step 2: believe it

I also started writing a 'guide' sort of... about how to love myself. Wow. Who needs a guide for that? But whatever... it stemmed off K telling me to make a list of all the things I love about myself and putting it somewhere I can always see and read it. So anyway, I swear this 'guide' is going to turn into a fucking novel. Once I get some more done and get it typed up (handwritten due to death of my laptop) then I will share it with all of you lovlies <3

Okay, I think it's shower time... I don't have any unscented soap or anything here... but apparently I reek. I'll make due. I feel kind of icky anyway and showers always make people feel better. I just wish I didn't have to wash m hair but I'm sure, of course, most of the stentch is in there. 


  1. nice tattoo. Writing a guide is awesome but i also like the idea of sticking it places in your room as a constant reminder, like mirrors all over your room depending on how many you have, or in the bathroom on the walls things like that place you frequent daily multiple times :)

    Love SN.

  2. your hair is amazing! and so is the tattoo :)
    The guide youre writing sounds like a great idea, hope all goes wellxxx

  3. Love your hair and love your tattoo! :) Did that tattoo hurt?
    I hope you keep working on your guide. Can't wait to see it! :)

  4. You have hell of a courage to have very bold colours in your hair. I love it! And the tattoo is so cute. :)

  5. believe in the tattoo beautiful
    much love