Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hopefully I will be getting my semi colon tattoo this week... I'm thinking I will get it on my right wrist. Anyway, the point of this post is that I'm CHOREOGRAPHING for my last concert!!! I'm super excited!! And the title of the piece is going to be ";". I originally only wanted 5 dancers but I'm going to need 6. The piece is about being in a life or death situation that you're in control of. I've been through this several times in my life but the most recent incident, and the one where I may the choice to stay alive for more than just the night, was the OD-ing on diet pills. 

I've been clean from diet pills for ONE WEEK now. I also haven't cut since Feb. 8th. 

I'm so excited/nervous for this piece... it's so personal to me and I really want to share my story with the girls in it so they really get it. The reason I'm doing the piece is because it's my way of working through it... so it should be an interesting process. 

I edited the music but may be adding a heart beat into where there's currently a silence... maybe it will be silent and then the heart beat will begin... I dunno yet. Heartbeat is very important to the piece. I also thought of naming it 'pulse' or 'you're pulse is worth more' from an Oh, Sleeper song, but I really like the semi colon... because that's everything the semi colon represents for me.

Okay... anyway, time for homework.


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  1. I love heartbeats in music (: and that's a really cool tattoo idea, I like it. I'm addicted to semicolons, haha.