Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I can't do this right now...

I'm exhausted. I have a headache. I'm a shitty dancer... and a shitty choreographer. I'm stupid. I'm not pretty enough. I haven't been eating, but I've been eating too much. I can't sleep. I'm confused. I'm already starting to slack in class. I keep thinking about my razors. I.... I don't even know.

And the funny thing is that after tanning I went to class and was having a somewhat decent body day for what my body is and I was feeling pretty good. And something totally unrelated to my body happens and it all goes to hell. I look bigger, feel bigger, am bigger. And then I have that to worry about on top of whatever the hell is really bothering me. Oh damn... can stress bring on distorted body image? Whatever. Fuck it.

1 comment:

  1. Hope ur ok :'( Love u loads and I feel awful that Ive not been in touch properly, My anabites is broken and Im so sock of facebook :(
    Stay away from those razors please. :(
    What is tanning for,
    Lots of love