Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daily Update 2

So my daily updates aren't going to be very daily... but I'm going to do one throughout today because I think it may be an eventful day.

Some things you may be interested in that I am currently doing:

~ Reading- Beautiful Boy by David Sheff (just started yesterday and already loving it!)
~ Mood- blehhh & aggravated about having to cover my wrists
~ Hair color- soon to be partially pink and glow in the dark 
~ On itunes- My Heroine by Silverstein (I have to call ticketmast today because there was a problem with my tickets!!!)
~ Nail color- naked, although really wanting a shocking electric blue/torquise.... I need an Ulta trip anyway today.
~ Scent- in need of buying a new body spray and/or time for a shower =P

My mom just text me. I guess I'm going to go down and get started on my hair. My roots are starting to come in and I don't want to look trashy so I should probably touch up my brown before dying the bottom layer pink, but really, that's too much effort for me right now.


              The Process
- Step 1: Dye all hair brown

- Step 2: Spill bleach powder all over the living room

- Step 3: Apply bleach and let it change my hair to a multitude of colors
- Step 4: Rinse (turns out this was a major ab workout)
- Step 5: Dry freshly bleached hair (breaking my hairbrush during this process)
- Step 6: Apply color

- Step 7: Sit on my bed blowing a hairdryer on myself because I am cold and wet
- Step 8: Rinse
- Step 9: Shower and dry hair to reveal finished product


I'm feeling pretty good right now. I just stopped by my old dance studio... okay by stopped by I mean hung out for like 2+ hours talking and then took a class and hung out some more. But anyway, I feel great. I didn't feel like I was dancing that well tonight but I felt like I was dancing and my teachers were all really proud of me because the quality of my dancing has improved so much and my dancing has matured a lot so, yay! I'm currently watching Modern Family, funny stuff =)

Also, my mom kinda tried to set me up with some guy... awkward!!! She like tricked me into meeting him kinda, haha. But it's whatever I mean he's nice and it wasn't really, I dunno. She was just like I want you to meet him (he works at a jewelry store) and then later on she was like so if he adds you on facebook you'll tell me right? Because of course she told him he could find me on there. Ha, he won't add me cause it's just weird but it was funny I guess. He's a nice guy though... not bad looking, reminds me of one of my friends though. I haven't decided if that's a good or bad thing yet. He lives on the block I used to live on... yeah, my mom got to know him pretty well. Eh. 

Alrighty, well I'm out for the day. Peace


  1. Just gotta say;
    I'm jealous of your hair. D;
    It looks pretty. n.n

  2. I luv it i use to have the biggest chunk of hot pink in my hair!! I luv crazy hair =)

    Also my account got hacked so I have created a new on e if you are interested I'm looking for support and giving it!! It's a breathe of fresh air!! FUN, BRIGHT and POSITIVE =)