Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feel good song, feel good day?

Every single night we fight to get a little high on life
To get a little something right, something real, at least we try

Pretty much gonna be my theme song from the night. Then again, what isn't my theme song at one point or another??

Hoping tonight is a good night, especially after a felt sick all  morning. Damn allergies. I can't even tell you how long I was laying on my bathroom floor for. And I dried my hair while kneeling over the toilet, yeah... I was that sick.

I'm fine now. I managed to get some dry food down. I'm gonna ease up on the pills for today just cause I wasn't feelin so hot this morning and I know I'm gonna be drinkin later. I need to go tanning too... I got a free birthday tan at Hollywood Tans so maybe I'll print that out and once my mom brings my car back I'll head out.

I just wanna dance =) Haha... which is my like.... all the time! I know! I gotta charge/sync my ipod. I really hope I'm not driving tonight.... wasted wayyy too much gas on nothing last night. 

I'm just gonna forget everything and drunk off my ass tonight... forget all the shit I've been through, the shit I'm going through, the fact that I have no one... I'm just gonna have fun. I'm not gonna care about anything. 

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