Friday, November 26, 2010

Going out for dinner tonight.

I'm nervous.

I've looked at the menu and picked out what I can try. I won't finish it. The biggest problem... this place just opened, like, just. Two days ago. And it's not like a chain... which means I can't get any of the nutrition information online. Ughh...


  1. get a salad. :)
    i mean it may be tempting to get something else, especially since its a new restaurant. but all places have salads. and it wont sound too suspicious. buttt make sure you get dressing on the side. and no cheese. :)

  2. thanks! the dressings are all way to much so i dont even bother with that anymore. its fine tho... they messed up my order so bad i barely had to eat anything and then i went out right after so my parents couldnt make me eat somethin else :)

  3. im glad it all worked out for you. :)

  4. thanks for the comment hun it made me feel a bit better, it's always good to hear another persons point of veiw

  5. I hate when you dont know the nutrition info it seriously drives me insane and honestly i think it should be illegal haha!

    stay strong

    ps thanks for following