Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spent the day in bed....

Obviously not....

So it was just one of those days where I was kinda depressed, didn't get out of bed until about 2ish and then I spent the rest of the day (it's around 8pm now) laying on my futon watching TV and playing games online.

I didn't go to a single class today (I've already missed too many and am failing two of them that I had today) and it's the last week of classes. Finals start on Monday (my 21st birthday). So anyway.... I need to right 22 journals for one class, I have 4 weeks of reading/journals for another, I have to finish 3-4 journals for another class, I need to right 2 papers on performances, a paper on the set of RENT, plus 3 papers on performances for world musics (one of which I still haven't seen), and of course study for my finals and my pilates exams next week. I also have to go to the place I'm doing my internship next week to fill out all of the paperwork and make it official. Oh! And I have to order dancewear for the company. Cool. Plus my dance I'm choreographing needs to be finished this weekend and taught to the dancers so it's completed for Tuesday. Wow. And psychology quizzes. Shit.... I think we still have like 2 of them. Ugggh.

I feel so lazy.... just sitting around doing nothing today when there was so much to do. I haven't even showered yet... and I realllllllly need to shower. I also have to do laundry. I'm gonna try to get work done tonight and take care of all the hygiene issues in the morning just to keep me busy. I didn't even read or paint my nails. I legit did nothing. I haven't left my room obviously.... and I don't plan on it unless I go out for a cigarette.... but I think I'm gonna wait until tomorrow for a smoke since I'm being so lazy today. Going out for a smoke would require at least a little eyeliner. Blehh. Oh... and I need to wash dishes. Or at least put them in the dishwasher.

My plans for tomorrow....
-get up and shower/do laundry
-straighten hair... do makeup nice and wear some jewelry
-go to class in CLOTHES (not sweats)
-chill in my apartment for a while.... clean, get some work done?
-drive my friend to the liquor store
-dance 130-730
-come back to my apartment to do work and SLEEP (I will probably go to the gym at night)

I am only planning on having coffee, water, diet pills, and possibly half of a pomegranate fuze slenderize tomorrow. Not healthy, I know. 

Thursday morning I have my private pilates session and then I want to use that free tan at Hollywood Tans. I'll actually go to all of my classes (bring my laptop with me and probably do a 'daily update' for you guys).  I also have rehearsal so I'll be out later Thursday and need to be up at 6am on Friday. I should e-mail the bookstore back and see if I can get some hours for Friday, Sunday, and all of next week during finals.

I am so so excited for winter break though. I really need this and I did so well at home, it just wasn't long enough. Maybe being back for longer I'll get into a habit that I can finally bring back to school with me. I want to go out like every night. I'll probably skip most dinners, but that's fine. Once I loose the weight I'll be happy again and then I can ease myself into being healthy again. Please don't treat yourselves the way I treat myself. I'm a terrible role model.

Oh wow... and I still haven't unpacked from break, or from moving in.... damn. I have so much to do. I feel like the more I have to do, the less I get done.... if that makes any sense at all. Not really. Shit, writing it all out makes me realize how far behind I really am. I know that I say this every single term, but next term I'm going to do good. I really really am. Or at least I'll try.

Sorry most of my posts are so long! I guess I just have a lot to get off my chest all the time and this is the only place I can really do it.

You guys are amazing though! I love you all, especially if you actually read the nonsense I go on about everyday.


  1. Of course that makes sense - you're probably feeling overwhelmed. It's difficult to know where to start, hard to tell when you'll finish, and sometimes seems easier to put off as if it could sort itself out.

    If you don't think you can improve your failing grades, please, please drop those classes while you can. I had a break down and stopped going to all of my classes. The unofficial withdrawals were changed to failures after a year and negatively affected the financial aid I needed when trying to go back years later.

  2. oh no! im sorry to hear that! no this is the last week of class and theyre both required. i just really really need to study my ass off for the finals =/
    im trying not to fail them but i end up skipping a lot too