Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving =)

So this is one of my least favorite holidays. I love that the whole family gets together but that's about it. I don't see what the big deal about a holiday where all everyone does is stuff their faces is.

I don't even like Thanksgiving food. I made myself a turkey sandwich on a whole wheat Arnold's sandwich thin (I don't like fresh, hot turkey... ick) with spicy pineapple habanero sauce. I had a little bit of a small sweet potato (I won't eat it if someone calls it a yam) and a bit of cranberry sauce (canned only). That was my Thanksgiving dinner =)

Since it's my family they understand I'm weird about food (to different extents) but they realize I'm picky. My grandpa is the hardest to get to realize that but it's fine I know he always means well. Anyway, there is some teasing but I just ignore it... the thing is they had friends there also. I like holidays to be just family... I'm uncomfortable enough as it is eating in public but I'm okay around my family and certain friends, bring strangers into the mix, bleh. Luckily though they were on the other end of the table dealing with screaming children and probably didn't notice my paper bag packed Thanksgiving dinner that I brought from home. 

I'm home now, we got back a while ago. I'm currently watching Big Bang Theory. It's a pointless but very funny show. It's a good show to have on and not have to be paying attention to it. I'm just bored, I want to go out but no one is around so that can't happen... 

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Now Christmas is just around the corner!

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