Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That's me...

It's the little things in life that really shape who we are and make us so special. For me, a lot of people will never see that side of me... they don't give me a chance to ever show them. And you know what? It's there loss. Really.

Here are some of the texts that I sent out yesterday to people who really know me....
-dropping out of school to be a rapper
-even with my headphones i'm very self conscious of the fact that my right sneaker always squeaks
-just circled a mailbox and proceeded to walk down the street cause i couldn't figure it out
-i think i'm the only person whose every experienced almost being flown into by a bird

If anything.... I defiantly can say that I'm one of a kind. I think I'm really ready to begin getting better. I'm  by putting an end to the cutting, for good. I haven't cut in about a week and a half or so... whenever that last post about it was. I made a video to the song Still Alive by Steve Means of me and J and it has video clips and pictures from our road trip and other random times. I really want to be able to take pictures again, and videos, and do stupid funny shit. I want to be me again and life my life. I'm tired of all this bullshit. I'm really gonna work on being happy... more than ever. I need to. 

I don't actually have much to say right now... but yeah... I've been making a lot of music mixes and videos... and videos to my own music mixes. All I'm doing today is going tanning, getting some gym time in, and then I have pilates for about 2 hours. So yeah... I'm gonna go start getting ready now and head out.

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  1. Congrats on the week and a half without cutting! It's a hard thing to do but you are a strong person so I know you can keep going. =)
    I really like the pictures. You always have really good ones. =)