Monday, March 28, 2011

The Versatile Blogger

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who loved you enough to bestow this gift

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Bestow this honour onto 10 newly discovered or followed bloggers– in no particular order– who are fantastic in some way.

4. Drop by and let your ten new friends know you admire them.

  1. Okay, so first thing is to thank the person who nominated me for The Versatile Blogger. Emuhlee at Full of Nothing totally took my by surprise with this nomination! I may not always have the time to leave you comments, but I'm always following along with your blog and I think you are beautiful thank you so much! Stay strong hun <3
  2. Share seven things about myself....hmmm.... let's see what seven things I haven't already told you guys SOMEWHERE on here....
    1. Smiley faces make me happy. That's probably why I use them so much. Even if I'm talking to someone and I'm sad I always put a smiley face in, if not to fake my happiness, then to change my mood to happy :)
    2. I prefer rum over vodka. Talk about random, haha :)
    3. I lost my virginity in a car. Yes, a car. I know some people that aren't totally okay with that but to me the place doesn't matter and it's not like I was drunk or stoned, I made the decision 100%   sober.
    4. I can only drive a stick shift in reverse. I have no idea why. I'm just stall out like crazy going forward... someone teach me? Haha.
    5. Despite everything I've gone through/am going through, I am still a child at heart :) I love bubbles, coloring, hula hooping, jump roping (which I actually can't do), and limited responsibilities. I'm not a huge fan of the grown-up world most of the time.
    6. I'm working on my pilates certification... I actually have to teach a class in a few hours.
    7. I don't believe in karma. I think bad things happen to good people. I know this from my own experience and from seeing it happen to other people as well. I try to keep in mind that the only reason bad things happen to good people is because they are the one's strong enough to get through it and they are meant to help people going through similar situations in the future. It kind of keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward knowing that one day I will get through all of this and be able to help other people in the future. Other than that though, I hate planning things in the future because you never know what's going to happen... I would feel bad if I had to cancel for whatever reason.
  3. Oh God. This is a hard one. I love all my followers. All 78 of you. Oh my God, that's so many. You are all beautiful in your own way and I love you all dearly! Okay, have I stalled enough?? I'm putting very careful consideration into this...
    1. Unbeautiful at Thoughts of a Monster: Yes, I crossed out the "un" because I don't think it's true. I think you ARE beautiful and you are amazing in so manyy ways. You never fail to comment on my blog and be supportive. I wish I got around to commenting more on yours, but don't worry. I'm always following along. Hang in there hun <3
    2. An♥nym♥us at Within ED Another girl that never fails to comment and just show me that she understands and I'm not alone. I know you've gotten this award before, but you deserve it again!

    3. Lis at Forget to Remember Me: I love reading along with your blog, I love your photos, and I have to thank you for all the comments you've left me and for following along with my ramblings!! You're amazing <3
    4. EnglishRose at A Rose Amongst Thorns: You are beautiful! Stay strong hun <3 I'm still reading along even though I don't comment much. Just hang in there <3
    5. Silent Nightmare at Beauty from Pain (Inside EDNOS): This girl is always sending me *hugs* when I need them! You're beautiful hun! I know things are rough, just take care of yourself <3
    6. A Beautiful Disaster at The Color Grey: I love your blog, I'm always reading along. 
    7. Jessie at Screaming Silence: You are adorable! From your blog and comments I can tell that you have an amazingggg personality and you have so much to say!  Hang in there hun <3
    8. Jeweliet at Back to the Disaster: I'm recently following you so I don't have much to say except to stay strong! I hope you're doing okay <3
    9. F*ckedUpAppandix: Stay strong hun! I love you, I'm always reading along <3
    10. Small as a Panda at Perfect Imperfection: I love reading along, my apologies for not getting around to commenting as much as I should/want to. Hope you're well <3
Those are in no particular order, and remember I LOVE YOU ALL! I defiantly want to drop by and leave everyone more comments though because I am following along <3 Woo! I guess that's all!

Much love! 



  1. awww thank you and good luck with your teaching class! :) x

  2. Thanks for following me :)
    Good luck with teaching your class!
    I'm the same with number 1 :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  3. You are so welcome. You deserve it (:

    I absolutely agree with number 5! I am the same exact way!

  4. Wow, this is late, but..;
    Did I just receive an award? O:
    < 3