Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm currently in a towel right now. So as if things couldn't get worse last night, the bottom ball fall out of my rook piercing. So I spent the night freaking out that the whole piercing was gonna fall out. I slept propped up on my futon because there's no chance of rolling over onto that ear if I'm on that. 

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. And I'm feeling sneezier than ever. So anyway, the piercing stayed in... but I was afraid to wash my hair in the shower so I just took a shower and am leaving my hair in a ponytail. I start work at 11:30am and tattoo parlors don't open until noon... which means I have to wait until I get out of work at 6pm tonight to go in and get it screwed back on.

So I was cleaning the piercing this morning and now it kind of turned so it's facing in toward my head instead of forward. Now I realllllly am freaking out about getting a professional in there. I can't physically fit my fingers in there to do anything and I'm such a mess right now. Plus, I'm gonna have to go alone! Ahh! I'll have to deal with it, I don't have a choice. I found a place about 10 minutes from work so I can go before driving all the way back to campus. 

I'm actually really hoping she'll ask me to run an errand or something today so that I can sneak down there and get the ball put back on in the middle of the work day. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I came an like an hour later but I feel like getting my new piercing fixed is sort of a bad excuse. And it's only my 4th day. I hate doing shit like that. So I'll just keep a compact mirror with me at all times and keep checking it without touching it. I don't think the fact that it's turned for just one day is going to really cause damage. I just need to not be stressing out so much right now.

Oh, and I ate this morning... like the huge failure that I am. All food is going down the garbage chute on my way out to work today. I can't deal with this shit anymore. 

Fuck. I really just wish I could at least turn the barbell so it's back to facing the right direction! At least I would be a little less stressed that way! Ughhh!

I might also run to Staples for my planner, since I'm sure I'll be missing dance anyway, and then to the bookstore for some self-help type books. I think it's time I take this a little more seriously. Wow. I'm such a screw up. Ugh. Oh well.

SHIT! I should actually be leaving right now! So much for getting an early start! Fuck my life! I'll update you guys when I'm back! Ahh, I'm still in a towel, no makeup, not packed ready to go! Fuck!


  1. Leeavvvvve the pericings alone! You do not have you take it out to clean it, only when it's healed.
    While healing just soak a cotton in whatever you're cleaning with and wash your ear with that.
    I have dreaddddddded memories with piercings haha. On my first night of getting my Labret done I almost lost the ball! Even one night I slept with only the backing of it, I was so scared I was going to swallow it!
    Have a good day lovely! Good luck :) xo

  2. Leave it alone!It's fine, it'll stay in until you get a new ball! Me and piercings are gay, they always end up getting infected, even if only for two days. That's sort of my own fault though, I can be one lazy shit.

    At least I've never swallowed the ball of my tongue bar though eh!

    And you got up earlier, which is always a plus. Go in and seize the day m'dear, I know you'll smack that job (: <3