Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Questions Answered

I'll start at the most recent and go back in time. I think over time most of these have been answered through other posts.

First things first... the name of my new teddy bear. Funny I didn't think about it until you guys brought it up because I normally name anything and everything I see. I think I'm going to be simple and just call him Teddy. Simplicity at its finest :)

Next... the name of the song on my blog CURRENTLY is Just Tonight by The Pretty Reckless, unplugged version :) 
If you scroll all the way down you can see the playlist and video. There is only the one song on  my playlist. Also, by going down there you can turn the music off if it bothers you or if you want to watch one of the videos I often post :)

A question about the music video for Gunnin' by Hedley... I answered this via comment but just in case you didn't catch it.... my take on the video was that yes, she died.... I think it was actually based on someone the lead singer knew in real life who died from anorexia. This is just a music video though, the actual girl in the video may, probably doesn't have an eating disorder... she is an actress. I don't know her name. I agree though, she is beautiful. But so are many of you... you just don't see it because this disorder is blocking your view. Just like I know I have the ability to be confident, I just loose it behind all the other shit most of the time. 

My underboob tattoo didn't hurt as much as I expected. I just closed my eyes and relaxed. I actually enjoyed it... weird, right? Even the painful parts. And yes, there were some letters where I was like WHAT THE FUCK?!? But for the most part it was a comforting feeling. Plus when he was doing it I guess his forearm is like, the same length as my torso, haha, so he rested his arm on my belly and his elbow came to just under my bellybutton... or a little further than just under :) Which was also a comforting feeling. It made me feel so much safer.

I think that's all for now... oh, and my rook piercing hurt like a bitch, but I think I already mentioned that I came close to breaking my friend's hand. Even getting the barbell changed hurt because it was originally done with externally threaded jewelery. So If you guys want a piercing, make sure it's internally threaded :) It's safer and less painful. 

If you have any more questions about whatever feel free to leave them in the comments, and as always questions are welcome on all of my posts! I will try to make more posts answering them for you guys!

As you know from my most recent post, I am not working today, I called in sick... 5th day of my internship. Whoops! Anyway, I'll either be sleeping (which isn't working because I can't breathe and feel to nauseous) or on here posting away!

Much love <3


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