Monday, April 4, 2011

Finding the beauty where there's only ugly.

I loved seeing all of the positive comments on my last post and I love to hear if I made you smile and such :) 

Sooo here's what I'm thinking of doing, and I have Unbeautiful to thank in part for this because of her new take on being positive in posts. So I will post about whatever it is I wanted to post about, good or bad... but at the end I will always try to leave something a little inspirational, whether it be through images, music, or whatever. I know I already have some lengthy posts so this will be adding a whole other layer to them, but I like the idea of always ending on a positive note.

Now, I can not guarantee that this will always happen, but I'm gonna try :)

So anyway, the boy text me Saturday night to tell me he missed me. That was basically as far as the conversation ever went. I don't really know what to make of this whole situation anymore.

J is finally talking to me again, about real things, which is good because she needs someone. It's not okay to hold all of that in all the time and keep so many secrets. I really do wish she wasn't going through what she's going through but it's relieving to know she can still come to me about important issues.

I'm still lovin' my new piercing! Having some trouble as far as cleaning it just because I can't seem to get all the way around it because I apparently have small ears (fun fact: the piercing finally made me realize that I don't have the huge ears I always thought I have). Anyone know a lot about piercings or have their rook pierced that has any advice on that? 

The weather is beginning to be gorgeous! Yay! I love it! I will try to spend some more time outside as it begins to get nicer out. I could use a storm right about now, but I won't complain about it being nice out :)

I also wanted to go tanning today, but I don't know how long I should wait with the piercing, and it's kind of an odd spot to cover up so I'm not sure how to just cover my ear when I go... but I haven't gone since last Monday and I'm really feeling the affects of it. I won't be able to go again now until Friday anyway, hopefully my color doesn't fade too too much by then and my ear is healed enough. I know people say it's bad for you and whatever but it just makes me feel better. It is a relaxing process for me and I also just feel like I look better with a tan, therefore making me feel just a little bit better overall. Anything to boost me mood a little, and I will do it. I still don't feel tan at all even though everyone keeps telling me I am, I'm used to being very dark so I still feel pale... but this is just a start.

I really feel as though I'm rambling now as I wait to leave for my dance class, which I could probably get ready for now, but I hope you enjoy more of the pictures. I like the visuals, I think they make things more interesting and pleasing to look at. Too many words all the time can be somewhat stressful :)

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