Sunday, May 22, 2011


Okay... so first of all, thank you for the comments on my last post. I know, it sounds like a dumbass, stuck-up problem to have but when you don't see what other people see, you being to think everyone is lying to you... which I already think. And if anyone was actually bored enough to go and read my "about me" section (aka "why I'm here") then you would see that even when I was a kid (we're talking 3/4 years old) and people would tell me how pretty I was how I thought they were lying to me because I didn't see what they were seeing.

JDawg: thank you :)
Peanut: thanks for understanding <3
Unbeautiful: you are beautiful (yeah, yeah, internet/blog people don't count as real people). but i'm telling you that you are. if you aren't being told, it's not because you aren't. i can tell from your picture that you are beautiful on the outside and from the comments you are always leaving me that you are beautiful on the inside <3

So... now about the "Eeek!!!". Before I started this blog, when I first moved into my apartment, I had a bit of a big issue. There was a giant mutant bug with about 8 million legs running around my apartment and coming toward me. Yes, late at night I ran down to the security guard shaking and with tears running down my face. They aren't supposed to go into resident rooms, but he reallllly felt bad for me.

Well, he couldn't find the damn thing. So, I went and slept at a friends apartment for the night (after chain smoking a box of cigarettes on her front steps. We went to class together in the morning and I was out ALL day with classes. During an afternoon break I had a friend come to my apartment with me for support while I SPRAYED THE SHIT out of everything with raid. We're talking an entire can here people. Then even that night, I was afraid to be in here. I couldn't sleep. Showering was the most terrifying thing ever... to this day I still check the bathroom walls before I can pee just in case. 

So today, at about 11am, I'm getting ready to go to the mall (I never got there) and there's another. And I screamed and it ran behind the molding of my bathroom door. Now I'm in a bra, standing on my futon, shaking to the point my legs can barely hold me up. I called my mom, I called T (girl), I text T (ex) to come help me. So... he didn't wanna get out of bed. Asshole. By 11:30ish I'm standing on my chair at my desk, still to afraid to get the almost empty can of raid sitting outside the bathroom door, and still afraid to go in the bathroom for my friggin shirt! This thing was like the size of my hand. So anyway, my bathroom is directly across from me... and what do I see... ANOTHER ONE! Smaller. I think it was a baby. I call up T hysterical freaking out that these things have come to murder me and he doesn't wanna get out of bed. I literally could not breathe. He told me to look at my wrist, I half did, but the fresh cuts from yesterday weren't helping the situation. He said I was just being a baby and if I still had the problem in half hour that he would come over. 

So I get off the phone with him and call my mom back.She talked me through all of my shrieking and screaming and hysteria... the thing ran under my bed, but just at the edge, and then came over to the corner nearest me... this happened as I was putting on the flipflips next to my chair so I could go over and get the raid. I JUMPED back on the futon SCREAMING at the top of my lungs and hyperventilating... 

I managed to run over, grab the raid, and get back on the desk chair. (This thing had already starred me down when I first saw it in the bathroom, they really are out to get me.) So I'm on the chair and my mom tells me to spray it... so... I do.

And what happens?? The thing fucking CHARGES me and tries to run up the fucking chair!!! NOT AN OKAY SITUATION!! I just kept spraying and jumped over to the futon where I sprayed it a few more times just to really make sure it was dead.

Now... I have a dead bug on my floor, no raid left, and another creepin in my walls. I found something to throw on and ran down to get someone in the office to get the body out for me. I had to wait 20minutes for the office to open and the security guard saw I was like freaking out so he asked what was wrong and he talked to me until the guy came, he wasn't even ready for work he just came up front to check something, but he came up anyway. He got the dead one for me and without asking searched the bathroom just to make sure no more were in sight. He didn't see any so after he left I ran out to CVS to buy more raid.

I came back with 2 cans and got back to my building around 1 (so I was out for like an hour). I text T to see if he was still sleeping. I STILL (it's like 9:30 now) HAVE NOT HEARD BACK FROM HIM. When I got back I sat outside. I can be a big girl and spray myself but I need someone to be there with me in case one fuckin charges me... which as of today, I was proven WILL HAPPEN. After like 5 min the security guard came out and saw I was there and he stayed outside for the next like 2 hours just talking to me until finally I got someone to come over. 

It was M. He was my last resort... and he not only thinks I'm crazy, but also now delusional. He totally didn't believe me. Ugh. Whatever. So we sprayed, and I left. I went tanning, then got to dance early. After dance, I hung out for about an hour before coming back to my apartment. I just got back at like 8:20. I sprayed some more and still have not taken my shoes off. I keep looking around. I'm all itchy. I will NOT be getting any sleep tonight.

I'm also really upset about what T did. That was so NOT cool. I straight up called him. He could heard how terrified I was, I was hysterical!! I don't care if he thinks I'm a fuckin psyco and never wants to speak to me again but at that point I really just needed help with these fuckin bugs!

They're centipedes by the way. Big ones. Fast ones. 
And their out to get me.


  1. UGH!! Bugs are icky! They scare me too. I have to get my grandpa to come kill them for me. I freak out when I see ants in the house. It's one thing if they're outside but inside is my territory. That's super uncool. Hopefully they stay away.

    And thanks dear.

  2. I'm pretty sure they're from the rapture... Satan's mutant bugs sent to claim the souls of the sinners. Thanks for following BTW :D