Friday, June 24, 2011

3 meals?!? What?!?

Yup, that's right. I totally did that today. Having 3 meals a day is such a scary concept for me... and although there are times when I manage to do it... I always feel like absolute SHIT about it.

But not today (not too much at least).

Breakfast- coffee (300) and protein muffin (130kcals) --- also two green tea triple fat burners
Lunch- turkey on whole wheat with spicy pineapple habenro and a red delicious apple (450kcals)
Snack- special k protein snack bar (110kcals)
Dinner- 2 turkey meatballs on whole wheat (500kcals)
Dessert- weight watchers ice cream cup (150kcals)

Total: 1,640 calories

Oh dear god it looks like a lot when I write it that way.

I did exercise today. And I also have to keep in mind that I round up... I always do 300 (sometimes 400) as a standard for my morning coffee, regardless of drinking it all or not which I didn't today, so that I start the day off with 300 calories and then have to watch everything else... or so it seems. And I round everything up. 

That is a really big number... but it's a healthy number, no?

Still trying to stay positive.

Not only did I cancel my drinking plans for the night so I could go home and have dinner, but I was also helping out with dress rehearsal and instead of staying the whole night to avoid dinner, I left earlier. I actually wanted to go home and have dinner. Wow... that's a first.

Anyway, I know lunch with be a no-go tomorrow with recital and all... not sure about dinner yet... and I'm going to go work out a little now...

This is good, right? 

1,000 or over is scary for me... 900 is scary... it needs to stay under 800 (on a day with extra exercise) otherwise 500 and below... which really is only 200 after my coffee... well, 150... I want to be under 500 not at it.

Ahh!! Numbers... no... this is good. Under 1,500 maybe would have been less overwhelming but this number is still okay...

And tomorrow will be lower so it's fine... I think...


  1. Great job on 3 meals!! That is so amazing that you did that. Your calorie total was healthy. :) So proud of you. You are doing amazing at recovery. Keep pushing forward. Love you!

  2. YES absolutely this is good! I'm real happy and kind of, in a weird way, proud of you! lol. :D