Thursday, June 2, 2011

Backstreet Boys

So, I briefly told my mom about the J thing today when we were talking on the phone. I didn't go into details, and I won't but anyway she said we can talk more about it on Saturday when I see her. I told her I have no one to go to the concert with now and she said she would come with me, which I think will probably be what happens... but I would rather go with a friend because it's just a different experience. 

I don't sing in front of my parents. I don't dance in front of them (not including on stage). So... yeah, it's just... I dunno. And I told her that.

I also figured out why I've been having wrist issues my whole life and why they've progressively getting worse. I have a cyst on the top of my left wrist. Can't move it.

Regardless, tonight was opening night.

I have an early show tomorrow that the class I taught is performing in as well as myself, and then our evening show.

Saturday is closing night. My parents always come on the last night.

I don't think they're staying over. Actually, I know they aren't. I kind of wish they were.
But I'll be home next Thursday night. 

That's really all. I'm in kind of a blah mood. My body is tired, sore, tight. I can't move my wrist. I need to stabilize and ice (for a few weeks apparently) and hopefully it isn't something that will require surgery. 

Goodnight loves.

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  1. What show are you actually in? And what role do you play?