Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Stuff!!

Okay... so I really wanted to put the lyrics up for the song I just put on my blog here for you guys but I can't find them and don't feel like typing them all out myself. The video at the bottom has the lyrics in it and I also have the lyric video linked to the song on my SONGS page. The song is "Feather in the Wind" by Mindy Glendhill. 

It really is beautiful and I'm hoping that this whole moving back home thing is going to work for next year and am planning on choreographing a solo to it as I go through the process of therapy and accepting myself.

Also, I took down my chat box. It was being used way to much for people to try to promote themselves and I really didn't appreciate that so BUH-BYE. And since I did mention my SONGS page, I really do hope you guys check out my other pages and not just my straight up blog. I end up putting a lot of the bad shit that goes on in my head in these posts but the pages I think remain pretty positive and there are tools and resources on there for you guys. 

There is of course my story so that you can get some background information on me and understand more of where I am coming from.

Then my personal favorite is my BREATHE page which I created as a place to keep track of all the other ways to cope with the daily stresses we all may experience. For me, it is to prevent eating disorder and self injury behaviors. It has other ways to cope, distractions, and links to lots of awesome places! Also, at the bottom, is my favorite poem which I read daily. Another good thing to read everyday is this:

I am going to try to start tagging my positive, uplifting posts with those two words so that you can use the search bar and easily search for those tags. I am aware that my posts are all over the place but I really do want to inspire you guys to recover from whatever you are struggling with or to just make you smile so that will be a much easier way for me to go about things.

My POETRY page is kind of under construction. I'm not sure I like the way it's laid out. Most of my poetry seems to be on the depressing side, but sometimes it's good to read something that you can relate to and know that you are not alone.

My SONGS page of course is a list of ONLY INSPIRATIONAL music. I also (for most of the songs) have links to the youtube video of that song with lyrics so you can see the words and read/sing alone. I also have starred a few songs that are personal favorites (not that I don't love them ALL) or that really get to me.

CONTACT ME is pretty self explanatory. I'm not on PrettyThin much anymore... it's just not what it used to be when I first joined three years ago. But I do love getting e-mails and if anyone every wants to talk about ANYTHING or get to know me other than just through what I decided to post up here, feel free to get in touch with me! 
My FUN page is really just for that: FUN, FUNNY, HAPPINESS, SMILING, LAUGHING, PLAYING. It's quite amusing... who doesn't love fun facts about people?? I know I do... and I LOVE coming up with fun facts about myself... things that make me unique, things that make me special, things that make me ME. I hope that you guys are inspired to do the same thing :)
And of course... my GUIDE TO HAPPINESS. I haven't added anything since I first put it up... but I think that what I have so far is pretty damn good. The truth is, I haven't gone much further on my journey and so I don't yet know what the next steps would be... or maybe I do... I just don't know how to word them yet.

So yeah, I do hope you guys check out my other pages and always feel free to comment if there's something you want added. This overall blog is just as much for you guys as it is for me and I hope you feel that way about it too.

I love you all, you're each amazing in your own way <3

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