Tuesday, August 23, 2011


You are all so wonderful. Thank you so much for all of the comments. So the biggest conclusion I've come to is that my hair = my self esteem. I've been working super hard on building my self esteem. But not that my hair is 2 inches shorter (and not really angeled cause it's too short which I hate) I have zero self esteem left. And how can you continue to build something when the foundation has crumbled?

Ugh... even when I was little I would smack anyone who tried to touch my hair. I can remember numerous times crying over my hair (other than haircuts)... my hair expresses who I am. I change the color all the time. I change the cut, the style, everything. I hide behind long hair when I'm upset. If I have a bad hair day. I have a bad day.

So anyway... I spent like over $200 today (of my mom's money) buying deep conditioners, heat protection, a new wide tooth comb, and a $50 clip in ponytail extension. Not great... but it's better. Ehh...

I will have to wear pony tails for the next 3-4 months and can't dance with the extension in...

I still need to find something that helps aid in hair growth without adding volume and I am going to look into prenatal vitamins... anyone have experience with these they could share? Or any suggestions for hair growth other than the obvious. Formulas that I could use perhaps? Pills? Scalp massager? Anything? 

Sorry it's a total boob picture but this is with the extension in.

Oh and also- I got into a pyschology class. It's gonna be a hard one but whatever. I don't know about working on Fridays, I don't think I'm teaching pilates (but I will offer to sub classes) so here is just my class schedule. 

Oh! And I am going to add in therapy on Wed. before Jazz from 3-4 and that way I can dance it all out in class and then feel good about myself in ballet (or at least that's the plan). 

Okay... goodnight lovelies... I have dance again all day tomorrow and I'm already hurting so I should really get some rest.


  1. I work at a health supplement store and can honestly tell you most of the hair, skin, and nails formulas are bullshit. Make sure your current multi has enough biotin. The only thing you may need to supplement with is extra protein. Amino acids help with hair growth and strength.

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling so down about your hair. I bet you look beautiful anyway, dear.

  3. I am glad you found some ways to make you feel more positive about your hair, Its a lovely colour,
    U are beautiful every way hun,
    Love you xx

  4. Great timetable honey
    andd you have to start again if the foundations are crumbled its hard work but it will be worth it... i guess its just the nature of life
    btw ur hair looks lovely