Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Guess who made a TUMBLR?!?

Yeah... it's totally recovery oriented :)

I'll still be using this (obviously) because I need to work on expressing myself through words and I need an outlet for the bad things as well as the good... but anyway, here's my tumblr:


OH! And also... just a quick update for the day...
And the guy like... barely put anything in it (all I get is lettuce, turkey, and the sweet onion dressing anyway) but that was kind of good because I spend a good two hours debating whether or not to even eat dinner.

My total intake today was:

-Coffee and muffin for breakfast
-Subway salad for dinner
-A handful of pita chips
-A fiber plus bar (which I was not happy about but I didn't have lunch so it's probably better that I had it)

I had six fat burners today =/

Group is on Saturday. I told T about it. She wants me to go. I think I have an excuse for leaving at 8:30am on a Saturday morning. I should go. August 6th. Don't forget. Ahh!! Scary!!


  1. That intake is so low! And the fact that you're now looking to go through recovery is amazing, I'll be here for support if you need it (:

    August the 6th - I'll be rooting for you! <3

  2. Well done getting your subway salad!! I remember u debating it so. That's great Nikki!!

    I really hope u go to group on Saturday, I think it could be good