Sunday, January 23, 2011

Late Night Insanity

So of course today was less than okay, as per usual. There was a costume thing that I wasn't all too happy about. Anyway, I'm wide awake in the middle of the night and not really okay, so I decided to run down to the gym in my apartment complex real quick. It's 24 hours so it's great... but with all of this damn construction and whatnot it was closed.

Now, I didn't know this prior to going down because I've been using the campus gym lately and haven't really been to the one here in a while. Anyway, it was closed... and it's frigid out. Needless to say, I'm fuckin pissed off. I would've just went for a run, but it's cold and super icy. I don't really care about the whole being alone at 1 something AM in a city by myself... it's whatever. 

So anywhere, here I am... perfectly painted black nails, speed walking around the courtyard of my apartment complex chain smoking cigarettes at 1:30am. I haven't smoked in weeks. Oh how I missed it...

I would work out more in my apartment but I have a friend stayin here tonight, I'll wait until she's asleep and do some abs and maybe more leg weights if I can find them in the dark.

This is my life. Wow. Really... who does shit like this? Trying to burn calories while smoking... in the middle of the night... outside in the icy cold weather...

Yeah... late night insanity is what it is.


  1. Oh wow a 24 hour gym that's really cool (too bad it wasn't open)

    I don't really care about walking in the city at night (i feel more scared in Suburbia tbh)

    Some of the things we do for our obsession...