Friday, September 23, 2011

Okay then....

Thank you all so much for your comments- they really mean a lot to me. You guys are seriously amazing.

So anyway... I'm going to my grandparents tomorrow with my mom. I need to find times to go tanning- for real, this is getting a bit ridiculous. I'll definitely go Tuesday but I should get some time in on weekends too.

My collarbones are starting to really feel and I guess look prominent. My mom said something last week about me loosing weight over the summer. I can kind of see how my jeans are baggy now. Someone also told me I lost weight when I got back to school, she noticed the baggy jeans first... but they haven't been washed in a while! 

I dunno. I don't see it yet... not at all... but I hope I keep loosing.  


  1. Well, congratulations! There's nothing more satisfying than when someone tells you they can see that you've lost weight, I think :)
    Stay strong girl!

  2. well done! the feeling when someone tells you you've lost weight, is always so satisfying, even if you cant see it yourself :) stay strong and have a nice time with the grandparents, xo.