Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still Don't See It

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday is that my shirt also said GORGEOUS on it, haha. So anyway, I did it again today- it was slightly less successful. More jiggly bits. Ughh.

But I was told I lost weight again. I really hate this girl but she actually said I looked really skinny. I mean, I know I don't. But obviously she would say something- all she notices are peoples bodies. I hate that. The other girl that told me had said something because she kinda sorta knows about my ED and the first person to tell me was my mom.

I'm proposing that piece I half talked about for our concert tomorrow. I haven't really talked with the director of the program about much of anything since I've been back so I guess we'll see if she has anything to say.

I'm really, really hoping this piece gets into the concert!! I'll find out Saturday night though.

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