Saturday, July 23, 2011

Awesome Night :)

I won't tell you my intake from yesterday or today, but you'll be proud of me.

Yesterday, I just had an amazing time... let's not worry about my intake. I saw the Goo Goo Dolls. Michelle Branch opened and wasn't very good so I screamed FREEBIRD!!! Anyway, then after the concert me and my friend were stuck in our parking space, windows down, BLASTING our two fav. Goo Goo Dolls songs... mine being IRIS (this song has given me chills since it came out... when I was like... 6?) and I just got so into it I don't even think you consider what I was doing singing... I was like screaming the lyrics and dancing in the car and people were legit doubled over laughing. My friend did it a little too but not to the extent that I did. That continued the ENTIRE way home.

I even posted some concert videos on facebook... singing included (although if it was real bad... it didn't go up). 

And of course you should all know that since #1 on my bucket list is "learn to take a compliment", I got some practice with that. As we were dancing our way out of the place some guys were going the other direction and one of them said "nice boobies" to me and of course I first say "rude" but then I added "but thanks". Meanwhile my friend was practically on the ground laughing just about the fact that he commented on my boobs.

Haha... I embarrass my friends so much... and you know what... I don't even care!

So today I've so far has a "normal" healthy intake. I am planning on having dinner as well. I don't feel too too bad about it but ughh.

Oh... I'm also wearing a tank top. First time in like forever!! But in my defense, I have not, and do not, plan on leaving the house... so it's just my parents and me (in my room). 


  1. yay(!)for amazing and fun nights :)
    I am kinda jealous... i love the goo goo dolls. My favorite song is "Name."

    I am glad you were able to let go and have fun, take a compliment, and wear a tank top! And so what if it's only in the house... it's a step in the right direction. Little steps are what make bigger steps!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good night, u deserve many of them
    I am sure u look beautiful in whatever u wear,
    Love youuu,