Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jeans & Weight Loss

I survived the jean washing experience. It was hard... but I made it through okay. I wasn't as upset as I thought about the actual fitting of the jeans once I put them on. 
I guess I really have lost some weight...

"but it is
 funny Amber, I have a hairdryer down my pants!" <-- highlight of my day... things like this made the situation much more bearable :)

My mom came in to talk to me... she asked how I was doing, told me I need to start up therapy as it was important. But I feel like I'm doing so well. I'm so much happier right now. 

So far today I've had breakfast AND lunch...
-breakfast was the same as yesterday
-lunch was turkey on whole wheat arnolds with pineapple habenero... since it wasn't the round arnolds, i took the whole side off where it didn't open up and threw it away.

I've also already had 4 fat burners...

I feel like I'm succeeding, yet failing all at the same time. I'm not sure if I'm staying home for dinner tonight or trying to get myself out of the house... it's not like I have anywhere to go. I hate that. I should catch up with someone random from high school just to get out.

I'll update more later on tonight and let you know if I managed dinner. I think... I think I will try.
I can just take more fat burners!!


I feel like there was something else but if there was I'm not remembering it right now.

<-- This is kind of how I'm feeling about mine right now. I mean, I know I'm still ashamed of them... but I'm trying not to be. And I know that I haven't yet won the battle... but I feel as though I have a pretty fair chance. I think I can beat this. I really do.

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  1. I did the same thing with my jeans a few months ago. i was so scared to wash them incase they didnt fit.. at least i'm not alone!
    Thanks *relief*