Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Well Hello There!

Just giving a bit of an update. I may stop by and see the therapist at school in a week or two when I'm in the area. There was a whole pinching situation that I should probably talk to someone about =(

But other than that, I'm doing well. I was off my fat burners for about a week but I went and bought another pack. I figure I might as well since I'll be home and I do have a safe hidden in my closet that I got years ago for diet pills. I carry the keys in my wallet. The safe is hidden.

I ate too much tonight. I feel icky and gross. My tummy is full and big. Wehh =( 

But tomorrow I have a three hour dance camp with 3-5 year olds (fairy themed), then I will spend some time in the studio myself working on my solo (aka officially starting it), then I will hit up the tanning salon, and I have a 4:14 massage... ahhhhh.... relaxation.

So I get a little play, and I get a little me-time :)

I feel like there were other things... 

My recovery playlist is growing, growing, growing.

Be sure to check it out and find some new songs!! Remember, most of them are linked directly to the youtube lyric videos!

Love you all,
Stay safe <3