Tuesday, July 26, 2011


That feeling of always having to pee,
that feeling of bloated puffiness,
the feeling of expansion in my belly,
the feeling that my face is swelling,
the feeling where my arms and thighs grow larger,
that feeling  that's so difficult to explain,
the feeling of fat,
the feeling of gross, disgusting fat,
it's the feeling of double chins and beer guts,
bubble butts and flabby arms,
love handles, it's all too much,
and mirrors remain to agree.
The feeling of too large for life,
it never goes away.
I'm it having now, I've had it forever...
it's the feeling keeping me from eating...
and holding me back from recovery...
I only want it to go away, to leave me be.
I need to shrink,
to shrink away from this feeling,
to shrink away from the fat,
to shrink away from my problems...
little by little my body needs to shrink away,
disappear into thin air,
let me be free.


  1. And the truth shall set you free. Well spoken girl. I know exacly how you feel...

  2. You are not fat!
    And you are talented,
    But I hope ur ok?
    Love you,