Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sentimental Much?

I always used to get a little angry when people told me I was lucky because they really have no idea what I've been through in my life or the things I have to deal with on a daily basis. But thinking about it now... maybe I am lucky. The majority of the people who know about my eating disorder and/or self harm (and that includes all of you) have been nothing but supportive of me. All they want for me is to be okay. 

Me finally being able to open up to people has showed me that there really are good people in the world. No matter who you are, you can always find someone who cares. It's rare that anyone would ever do anything to intentionally hurt you.There is good in everyone, even if it's hidden somewhere deep down. It's hard to be a good person all the way through to the surface... it takes courage. 

Sometimes... maybe it takes someone a little crazy like me to bring the good out in people. But it's worth the risk. I feel like sometimes we are looking too hard to feel like we have someone, when really, we may be looking right at them. There are more people in our lives who care about us than we realize... and sometimes it's difficult for them to express that to us.

I have been one of the ones lucky enough to know that I have all of you plus a small handful of people who, although not always there, I know will support me and be there for me when I need them. And they may not know how to do that or what exactly to do... but at least they accept me and I know that they want better for me.

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