Thursday, July 28, 2011

F This

You know what I hate? Other than absolutly everything right now? People. Fucking people.

So basically.... ugh don't feel like typing this, let me copy and paste from somewhere:

I'm pissed at my school. I hate it. I'm a senior, yet I have the last time to register because I'm not honors or a scholarship student. Way to only praise the smart kids. Like, honestly, I feel like the dumb kids should get to register first so we don't keep getting stuck with the hard classes, difficult times to get to. We should get first choice because learning is hard for us. Not to mention I'm a senior... but that means nothing at my school. Nothing means anything unless you're smart. And I'm not. And now I just found out instead of it opening at 7am for me like usual, it's 9am... but I have dance camp with the little ones at 9am. So now I'm super pissed.

I literally just found out about the registration time after bitching about the fact I can't register until after the rest of the world for a good week or 2. Like seriously, there are freshman that have registered already! Not fair!

So anyway... I text J asking if she was around tonight... you know, I really need to get out of the fucking house. I'm not in a good mood, I'd eaten ALL THREE FUCKIN MEALS today. Only 4 fat burners... 

Not a good situation. And of course... no response. She says the word... I fuckin drop everything for her and get her out of her house, out of her head, whatever she needs. EVERY DAMN TIME.

But then I'm online... and she's doin shit on facebook and logged in to gmail.


Way to just make my mood worse. And I'm the bad friend how? I'm so fuckin beyond pissed off right now. I like don't even want to talk to anyone cause I'm just... AHHHHHHH!!!

And now my text is formatting retarded. I HATE THIS.

I hate that I'm fat.
I hate that I'm ugly.
I hate that nothing looks good on me.
I hate that I always feel uncomfortable.
I hate that I torture myself.
I hate all my scars.
I hate my skin, my hair, my nails.
I hate every thought that goes through my mind.
I hate that I'm me.

I hate it all. I hate school. I hate that I'm stupid. I hate that I'm boring. I hate every fuckin freckle on my body! I haven't cut in weeks. I really want to... like... really. I bought some razors a few weeks ago. They're in my purse... right here... and I can get one out... right now...

This post doesn't even make any fuckin sense.


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